Friends that lived here encouraged us, they’d had been at us for years about putting our name down somewhere. We had no intention of doing that, we were happy in our own home, physically active and looking after it. A few years later, they asked us again and said, why don’t
you come here?

I think you know when it’s the right time. It wasn’t health issues for us; we’re very active and involved with lots of sports and other interests in our area.

Because we’d visited Speldhurst quite a lot and stayed, we knew the set-up and how happy they were, and their friends. We’ve got no regrets. The timing for us was right. We wanted some space and some freedom, and that’s certainly what you get here.

We feel as though we are living in a resort. It’s easy with a new house, new fittings, not having to worry about any large maintenance bills. We like to do our own gardens but we know people who have it done for them.

I admire the singles here, how safe and secure they must feel in Speldhurst with the gate locked at night and people aware of who is around. We feel safe and secure, and I’m sure they do as well.

No regrets at all. The time was right. You know yourself when the time is right to think and make decisions about your future years. Nobody could ever be lonely here. You don’t have to be involved, it's a personal choice, and I think that’s important.